What Will This Day Be Like…

D.C., Chicago, London, Paris, Toulouse, and finally… Marcoles. After over 36 hours of traveling, sitting in airports, eating very little, feeling sick, and getting very little light sleep, God amazingly delivered  me to this incredible little town and gave me some very…interesting and challenging adventures along the way.

When you’re a child, the traveling, airport world is mesmerizing. Gazing up at your parents while clutching their hand with a small little carry on in the other, feeling your stomach completely jump and land when taking off for flight, hearing the oh so many different languages around you is very confusing and sometimes scary, but really… it’s just the coolest adventure you could ever experience. That all changes when it’s your turn to do it alone… Although you still experience the childlike joy when the plane revs its engine and all of a sudden you’re speeding down the tarmac and somehow that huge machine is taking off into the air, everything else becomes chaos…the most stressful thing a young adult can go through when first starting out their new life. Well, may I just say, that I really wanted to be that child again that was safe in the parents hands, experiencing the stress from a very far distance…

While sitting in the London airport, waiting for my new flight to Paris instead of straight to Toulouse, I, like every other human must do, went to the bathroom. I was a little surprised that the toilet was a slightly different Western style toilet with bright blue water, but didn’t really think much of it. As I sat down, exhaling deeply, wanting to burst out in tears because I felt sick, tired, and really just wanted to be in my mother’s arms, I heard a small little voice from the stall across from me. To an American, three year old little girl, her world of peeing in a toilet was completely changed in that one moment… As the tears begin to sting behind my eyes, they were suddenly stopped and a smile creeped across my face for the first time in hours as I listened closely. Normal mother daughter bathroom conversation was exchanged between the two until the mother asked if the daughter was peeing or not and if she still had to go. The little girl replied, “I’m trying to, Momma… but the toilet is so strange!” I thought to myself, if this is strange, my dear… I can only imagine what you would think of a “squatty potty”.

The "strange" potty in Heathrow Airport, London.

The “strange” potty in Heathrow Airport, London.

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